Vegan Irish Soda Bread

Working for a grocery store means that many of your co-workers have an appreciation for food, and many of them are excellent cooks, grillers and bakers.  It seems like there’s always someone who made brownies to share or some conference that ordered too many sandwiches.  Basically, there’s always free food hanging around the office, most of which I can no longer have.

The first bite. At first, I was disappointed that I could no longer have all these free treats.  But then, I realized that it was actually a good thing.  Before, when I was just eating healthy, watching my calorie intake wasn’t motivation enough to not eat the cupcake or brownie.  I knew I could just work out later or eat a healthier dinner as a trade-off.  After all, I would only be hurting myself.

Now, whenever I see chocolate chip cookies or turkey sandwiches around the office, I have motivation enough in the reasons I became a vegan.  I think human beings have a stronger willpower when it comes to protecting something more than themselves.  I can eat unhealthy when sacrificing my own health, but not when it can affect the environment, economy and animal welfare.

A thoughtful Irish co-worker of mine was the first one to keep my diet into consideration when making treats for the office.  She made Irish soda bread for everyone, and vegan Irish soda bread for me.

It was so delicious I had a hard time saving some to bring home to my husband.  Here’s the recipe she used.

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I'm a newly established vegan interested in anything that helps me live well - from meditation to healthy recipes to innovative workouts.

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